hi, i'm cooper 👋

I'm a software engineer who thrives on exploring interactive media, artificial intelligence, and web development. Besides software development, my interests and hobbies include graphic design, philosophy, and audio engineering. I'm passionate about engineering software solutions that build community and simplify and streamline lives in ways that actually matter. Because of this passion, I've founded/co-founded a few software products on this mission. A few of them are linked below. Click ay of them to read more.

what type of dev are you? 🧑🏼‍💻

I don't think I'll ever have a final answer to this question. My real passion is the intersection between art and science. I like seeing how one can mix implicit and explicit to get a product that's both functional and enjoyable; I see software as an art and any route I can take to explore it is one worth trying. I've worked with (or attempted to) every sector of programming: from game development, to web development, to non-fungible tokens, to artificially powered healthcare. I've always loved exploring new avenues of bleeding-edge tech and seeing how creativity can meet technicality, or, math to magic.

languages and frameworks 🚀

Below is a list of various languages, frameworks, and applications I've worked with. If you're seeing an item on this list, I'd gauge my fluency in it 50% or greater. But, most of the things on this list i'd consider closer to the 75–90% range. If you have questions about specifics, feel free to contact me; i'd love to talk about it.

making things

Python HTML CSS .NET JavaScript Node.js C C++ C# Java Swift Django Flask Bootstrap Unity Engine Unreal Engine 5

storing things

MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite MongoDB SQL Server Amazon AWS DigitalOcean Vercel Heroku

get in touch with me 📬

If you want to check out the code for any of my projects, or want to connect, basically my whole digital footprint is below. If you have a question, concern, or anything of the sort, feel free to reach out to me. The best way to contact me is pretty much always email, but you're welcome go about it however you'd like. I'm just gonna throw all my information at you like a madman and see what sticks.